November 21, 2011

CDT Seminar Series – November 21, 2011

When: November 21st at 12:45pm
Where: Petit Science Center, room 124

The next CDT Seminar will be held this Monday, November 21st, at the Petit Science Center in PSC 124. Please join us at 12:45 p.m. for coffee and cookies to hear our outside speaker Dr. Yiping Zhao  from the University of Georgia. His talk is entitled “Towards Practical SERS Sensing”. His current research interests concentrate on nanostructured materials and nanobiotechnology. The six different areas he is focusing on are: Nanostructure fabrication and characterization, Liquid-nanostructure interaction, Novel nanostructures for chemical and biological sensors, New energy materials and devices, Biomaterials for cellular engineering and Designing Catalytic Nanomotors.

I look forward to seeing you there,

Jenny J. Yang, Ph.D.
Center for Diagnostics and Therapeutics


Nov 21, 2011