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Our state of art high resolution MRI system is

  • 7T Bruker 70/20 Biospec 20 cm MRI for imaging mice and rats or phantoms, advanced MRI and MRS techniques available for non-invasive morphological, physiological, and biochemical, and spectroscopic measurements. The 7T magnet allows MRI and MRS tissue imaging at a high level of resolution (50 microns) and several images in a second (high temporal resolution).
  • Access for all users requires approval by ATIF operating committee. The approval process can be initiated by the submission of a project proposal to the lab’s contact.
  • ATIF facility has well equipped surgery area for preparing the animals and a wide variety of supporting equipments, i.e. anesthesia machines, MR compatible physiological monitors (cardiac /respiratory gating /temperature monitoring units) and heating pads.

Additional related imaging facility resources:

GSU/GT Center for Advanced Brain Imaging (CABI) web:
(Please Contact: Dr. Vince Calhoun

Bruker 1.4 T minispec for relaxivity measurement in NSC560 (Contact: Dr. Jenny Yang

Bruker Nano: Ultima 2Pplus Laser Scanner for fat component measurement of living animals in NSC190E (Contact: Dr. Bingzhong Xue and Dr. Hang Shi

High resolution NMR facility in NSC134 (Contact: Dr. Jimmy Du

Caliper Life Sciences: Xenogen IVIS Lumina in PSC971 (Contact: Matthew Davis

Other useful links and resources

Bruker website of the instrument we have:

MRI/NMR basics training videos