Imaging Methods & Scheduling


Advanced MRI and MRS techniques in our system include a wide variety of non-invasive morphological, physiological, and biochemical and spectroscopic measures of small animals.
Imaging methods include

  1. Relaxometric measurements (T1, T2 and T2* mapping) for contrast agent development.
  2. Quantitative diffusion mapping (DWI) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) for tumor studies.
  3. Quantization of vascular leakiness and permeability of tissue (tumors) using MRI contrast agents.
  4. Spectroscopic imaging 2D CSI (chemical shift imaging) of 1H metabolites to monitor cellular response to therapy.
  5. 1H Single voxel spectroscopic measurements using PRESS/STEAM/LASER methods for metabolites measurements.
  6. BOLD (blood oxygen level dependent contrast) measurements for animal fMRI studies.


If you are interested in initiating a new project and working opportunities, then please contact Dr. Khan Hekmatyar, Senior MRI Scientist, at or via phone (404-413-3596).

ATIF reserves the right to fulfill requests depending on the availability of staff and the status of the scanner.

Requesting Scan Time:
All scan times must be requested at least two working days in advance.
All scan times are on a first come, first served basis. Please consult the ATIF calendar (under construction) for availability.
All lab personnel who enter the ATIF lab must complete the appropriate safety training.


Details forthcoming.