Iyer Lab

Making it possible to accurately identify disease faster through glycoscience!


The long term goals of the Iyer group are to develop inexpensive, user-friendly devices that could be used at primary care physician’s offices, low resource settings and for self-testing in the privacy of homes. To this end, we have been developing glycan based diagnostics for the capture and detection of toxins and pathogens such as Shiga toxin, influenza virus, norovirus and malaria. Since our research group’s interests lies at the interface of glycoscience and infectious diseases, students in our group are exposed to different disciplines as all projects span different scientific areas. For example, a typical project involves the design and syntheses of ligands, assay development, analytical and clinical selectivity and sensitivity studies and validation of the results. Since our research involves basic and translational aspects, we collaborate extensively with experts from different disciplines. We collaborate with scientists at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and faculty at Emory, UGA, and other Universities. We are also working with our industrial partner, who have licensed our technologies for further development to a user-friendly product. These collaborations enrich student’s experience and are very valuable to their professional development. We welcome you to GSU and look forward to hearing from you.


Georgia State University
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